Floating Water Parks

Are you looking for floating water parks in San Antonio in Ibiza? Then consider heading to Ocean Mania, just opposite Ocean Beach Ibiza (the island’s ultimate beach club!). The water park is very popular, particularly during the high season from late July to September, which goes to show how much fun it is for both adults and children. It combines a series of obstacles, including balancing beams, catapults, rope swings and high dives as well as slides and trampolines. If you have a competitive edge, why not have a competition with your friends (or children!) to see who can complete the course in the quickest time?!

Ideal for Adrenaline Junkies

If some of your party are adrenaline junkies who love the idea of testing their metal on the one of the best inflatable water wipe out parks in Ibiza, whilst others would prefer to kick back on a sun lounger and get stuck into a book, Ocean Mania is the perfect compromise. Whilst some of you are splashing about in the ocean, the rest of your group can chill out on the beach. To find out more about Ocean Mania, take a look around the website today.