Like any activity, it can be dangerous and that by participation in it I am exposed to certain risks, therefore:

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I ACKNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND that whilst using the equipment at Ocean Mania:

  • How big is the Water Park?
    Approximately 25m x 25m
  • How far is the Park from the beach?
    Approximately 50 meters
  • How do I get onto the park?
    You have to swim with your life jacket, however you could wade most of the way.
  • How long can I stay on it?
    15 euros per hour or 30 euros for a day pass
  • How old do iI have to be?
    There is no age range you just have to be a strong swimmer.
  • Do i have to wear the life jacket?
    Yes, its for your own safety.
  • What time do you open?
  • What time do you close?
    It depends on the weather but generally 8pm.
  • How many people are allowed on it at one time?
  • How many Lifeguards are on the park?
    1 on the park and 1 on the beach
  • What happens if the weather bad?
    We will take advise from the life guards on the beach, but safety is our primary concern so if we believe the water is not safe we will close the park.
  • What happens if I get tired?
    You can leave the Park at any time but once your off you cant go back on.
  • How do you know how long I have been on there?
    We start the sessions every hour and each hour has a different colour life jacket.
  • I cant swim very well, can I still come on?
    Unfortunately not, you have to be a strong swimmer.
  • What happens if I don't want to wait until the next session starts?
    If we have room you can go on but you will have to finish when that session ends.
  • If that happens will get I get a pro-rata discount?
    No, sorry, its a 15e min charge.